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Our mission is to support health professionals in growing their influence and making powerful connections with their peers.


We believe we can unlock unique professional viewpoints that can evolve healthcare for everyone.

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Our environment makes professional CPD a daily norm, finds new synergies and connects ideas that can evolve health thinking.

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Join fellow professionals in sharing your unique specialist viewpoint to connect with people worldwide and fuel your influence.

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Unlock unique professional knowledge.

Bodyfanatix supports our team of global health professionals by providing an environment for innovation and problem solving. We help unlock the unique knowledge that professionals have to share, allowing a global audience access to trusted health advice.

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  • Ensure you have a consistent and focused message
  • Connect with your team
  • Share reading recommendations to clients and patients
  • Effortlessly send a digital business card to peers and patients
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  • Inline editor makes it easy to edit and style
  • Drag and drop pictures instantly
  • Add Instagram posts in to your article
  • Share drafts with your team for review
  • Choose your article audience before publishing
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  • Ask questions anonymously
  • Collaborate by adding comments
  • Watch questions you are interested in
  • Find article inspiration by writing answers
  • Stay relevant by seeing what people want to know
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Our club allows you to interact and collaborate with great health minds, brave thinkers and elite performers. Our tools support the management of your professional brand, streamlining all your efforts so that you have more time to do what you do best.

Connect and collaborate with an elite network

Grow your industry influence and connections by joining other health professionals in a unique, innovative environment of free flowing specialist viewpoints.

Automate your CPD contributions

Many interactions on Bodyfanatix count towards your CPD making it a daily norm rather than a yearly chore. We make it easy to set objectives and generate CPD reports.

Simplify and enhance your article writing

Avoid staring at a blank canvas by writing collections of snippets to meet a title objective. Drag and drop them in to our article builder to publish articles and journals with ease.

Fuel social media with ready made content

Note down daily learning, viewpoints, quotes and how-tos in a snippet and then follow the quickstep process to create a post for your social media channels.

Showcase your company and team

As a verified professional, create a company profile and invite your team members to join you. Your profile will showcase the evolving knowledge and techniques you and your team has to offer.

Manage your personal and company marketing

When you join the professional conversation and share your opinion, the Bodyfanatix environment will keep your viewpoints evolving, your content relevant and help fuel your industry connections.

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