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Biology was always my favourite subject at school. It fascinated me to learn about the inherent intelligence found with in, and later on, studying osteopathy really helped to solidify an understanding of this. The body is the best bit of kit out there, and the beauty is we all have one. It is very intelligent and never "goes wrong" just does it's best with what it has got.
Osteopathy is known for working with the body to help prevent or restore a healthy state, which is something that resonates with me.

In particular, my interest in the Classical approach, allows me to work on the nervous system to reduce the effects of stress.

Having done a variety of jobs, osteopathy is the one which has given me most job satisfaction. Listening to the stories of peoples bodies, and being part of the change is a humbling and exciting experience.

Mission Statement

When the bodies reservoirs of compensation have been depleted, it is my job as an osteopath to work with the body, and help restore a balance.
Using the body as an interface to health, the burden of chemical, mechanical and emotional stress can be reduced.



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Colchester, Hintlesham

Masters in Osteopathy (MOst)
BSO July 2014
BSc (Hons) Forensic Science
UCLAN June 2004
  • acupuncture
  • Osteopathy


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The Classical Approach

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