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Asked by pro - 1 year ago

What are the options for dealing with knee pain three weeks before a marathon?

I’m running the London marathon next month, for the past two weeks I’ve been aware of knee pain. I can’t run through it. Should I just be resting it? Who should I see to help me?

Asked by pro - 1 year ago

What is sciatica and how can it be treated?

What causes sciatica, how can it be diagnosed and how can it be treated?

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3 min read - Justine Setchell

Fifty is the new Forty

They say fifty is the new forty and the current generation of fifty year old women are not about to hang up their boots with the onset of the menopause. They fully expect (quite rightly) to continue to function at the same high level both on a profes

4 min read - Annie Nunn

Stick to the basics: Building your ski fitness fundamentals

The excited conversations of booking the annual trip for the forth coming ski season are starting to be heard… The new kit list is on the Christmas list, and you’re probably about to hit pay on the booking form for your ski resort of choice..But

11 min read - Thomas Parry

'Winter is coming'; All you knee-d to know about how to get...

Knees make up roughly 30-40% of all skiing injuries. Here we discuss some common ways to prevent injury and the impacts injuries can have

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London, UK

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