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Thomas Parry

4 min read

How can exercise help your pregnancy?

With social media documenting perfect pregnancies at every stage, there is a new level of criticism and opinion surrounding exercise during pregnancy. This leaves many active women whether in the...

Scott Newton

8 min read

Overtrained or underprepared: Could load monitoring help you hit a new PB?

I’ve had a very personal interest in looking at injury prevention strategies in runners after my own sacral stress fracture in April this year. My own injury happened without any obvious warning...

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Asked by pro - 2 years ago

How can I support my previously broken wrist whilst skiing?

I broke my wrist quite badly by falling heavily about 6 months ago and have had surgery to fix it. The scarring can be quite tender. I am about to enjoy a ski trip and am worried about falling or landing on my wrist and causing pain in an already vulnerable joint. Is there anything I can do to help inflammation? Are there any other options for aprés ski other than an unsightly support?

Asked by pro - 2 years ago

Psoriasis - what other treatments are available beyond topical treatment?

Having had Psoriasis for as long as I can remember, it sometimes flares up. I notice that it's worse as the seasons change or at times when I'm stressed. Beyond topical treatments and creams, what other treatments can you recommend? I'd like advice around nutrition and dietary changes as well as any other alternative treatments.

Asked by pro - 3 years ago

How do you prevent kidney stones?

Kidney stones are extremely common and prevention is mainly through healthy living, diet and fluid advice - but many people will have opinions on things that might help prevent stone formation.

Rosie Millen

Nutritional Therapist

London, UK

Ali Ghoz

Orthopaedic Surgeon

London UK

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