About Bodyfanatix®

We are a team of strategic thinkers, business developers, marketers, healthcare professionals and digital developers who are passionate about solving problems. We are determined to evolve healthcare by supporting worldwide health professionals via an online environment of shared knowledge.

We believe in health and vitality. We believe that access to trusted professional shared knowledge allows us to take personal accountability for our health. So we are creating an evolving online user manual to the body written and curated by verified health professionals.

For healthcare professionals, Bodyfanatix is a place to go to find daily inspiration, grow your business and develop your perspective. It’s an environment that allows for your specialist professional opinions to fill the gaps in others’ thinking. We turn being busy, into being productive. We are an extension of your professional lives, working to support your efforts and make your time stretch further.

In a world of constant progress and forward thinking there is no time to stand still. We work to keep you evolving.

Tom Parry

Co-founder & Medical Director

An Osteopath and Acupuncturist who is running his own private clinic. Tom has been advising on the healthcare journey that Bodyfanatix provides. He has been the mastermind, along with his network of fellow healthcare peers, behind the professional requirements of the Bodyfanatix environment, ensuring that it serves and supports the professional at all times. Tom’s passion and drive comes from being surrounded by a medical family; his father a consultant urologist and his grandfather, Dr. Edgar Parry, the inventor of the Parry Clamp and a general surgeon who was recognized as a leader in his field for vascular surgery. When he’s not treating people’s pain and aliments, Tom is testing his own limits through sport or cooking.

Harriet Ferguson

Co-founder & Marketing and Development Director

Marketing has been the foundation of Harriet’s diverse experience over the last 10 years, across sectors that have included property development, strategic land buying, renewable energy and the healthcare sector. She brings a unique knowledge of brand marketing and influence across multiple mediums. Bodyfanatix is her brainchild and an unrivaled passion and focus in her life since August 2013. Never being one to accept the status quo, at the time of writing this Harriet is not only launching Bodyfanatix but preparing to be a first time mum. When not in high heels she can be found exploring the countryside with her cocker spaniel, enjoying a Pilates class or getting some head space in the gym.

Tom Parker

Co-founder & Business and Strategy Director

Tom has been involved in various industries within business development and strategy roles. He has previously held director roles in a media creative company and also launched a medical TV channel in Europe. Tom brings insight into launching and developing businesses, a vivacious attitude and a constant strive for excellence and success. Not that it’s a rule, but Tom was also raised in a medical family; his father a consultant urologist and his mother a former physiotherapist turned medico-legal solicitor. When he’s not talking about Bodyfanatix, he enjoys watching sport, drinking wine (within medical recommended limits) and exploring the world.