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Champion breakfasts

My Champion Breakfast to fuel you on the slopes

With the post Christmas ski holiday season rapidly approaching I am often asked what should I eat when I ski?

With tales of morning hot chocolates topped with oodles of whipped cream, après-ski and eating out most nights, it’s not difficult to stack up extra calories. But, skiing is a tough workout even for a beginner- so it’s important to balance your intake of key foodstuffs.

In order to be on top of your game and fuel your muscles it is important to plan meals and snacks throughout the day to prevent early onset fatigue and support recovery for subsequent ski days.

Skiing is an aerobic activity, this means that the muscles utilise glucose as their main energy source. Glucose comes from carbohydrate rich foods. Regular top ups of unrefined low glycaemic index carbohydrate rich meals and snacks provide slow release energy throughout the day.

The best way to fuel the tank at the beginning of the day is a good breakfast including unrefined starchy carbohydrates such as wholegrain breads, muesli or porridge.

Champion breakfasts also include a source of protein - protein being important for the repair of damaged muscles – that supports recovery from the days skiing. Protein can be included in the form of natural yoghurt, milk or nuts and seeds added to porridge or muesli. Adding eggs to your breakfast in either poached, scrambled or soft boiled form with wholegrain toasts is also a great source. 

It is also recommended to benefit from fruit and berries by adding them into smoothies, breakfast cereals or simply eaten as a portion to provide the body with a boost of anti-inflammatory antioxidants. This will help to reduce those aches and pains from day one by refuelling at breakfast before the new days runs.

Lastly, ensure that you start the day well and drink plenty of water when skiing. Sweating can be masked by absorbent ski clothes, therefore, drink caffeine free tea and coffee or fresh diluted fruit juice with water at breakfast.

Ideas for a champion breakfast:

  • Wholegrain toast with peanut butter
  • Wholegrain muffin with poached / scrambled egg
  • Muesli / porridge with added dried fruit or berries for additional sweetness
  • Wholemeal pancakes with dried fruit compote
  • Smoothies with oats and berries
  • All of the above can be accompanied by natural yoghurt and fruit.

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Matthew Mott


3 years ago

Thank you for posting this article I was getting bored of my Weetabix and these are great ideas for skiing and also for a busy day at work to see me through until lunch!

Annie Nunn

Sports Masseuse & Personal Trainer

3 years ago

Anna this is great information that i shall definitely be passing on to my clients prior to they hit the slopes this season

3 years ago

Mmmmm, I love peanut butter. How about cashew butter. Can we use that?

Thomas Parry

Osteopath & Bodyfanatix Co-founder

3 years ago

I'll definitely be taking this to heart when i hot the slopes in a couple of months. I agree with the hydration aspect too. Check out my article covering the importance of hydration at altitude.

Anna Groom

Specialist Dietitian

3 years ago

Thank you for your comments. Cashew butter can be included as can the new peanut butters available which have a mixture of sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds to. Don't forget those oily fish such as mackerel; sardines; pilchards and herring on toast too!