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Why do I need to lock a question?

We know that you are busy and that time is scarce. But we also realise that when you need specialist advice to help a case or advise a patient you likely need it quickly. This is why we have allowed questions to be locked to you to answer.

When you select to ‘begin answering’ a question, those watching it are notified that you will be writing an answer. The question is then locked to you for a set period of time. This allows you to schedule in some time to write your answer and know that your audience is ready and waiting to share the knowledge you give out.

For those watching they can see which three professionals, from which specialisms, will be providing an answer and how long they may have to wait for it to be published. For you as the author of the answer you have comfort in knowing that your time will not be wasted by someone else stepping in and publishing an answer before you.

If you decide once locked, that you no longer wish to answer the question you can ‘unlock’ it and it will return to the question wall for answer. Equally if you do not answer within the time frame the question is locked to you for, then the question will return to the question wall for a fellow professional to answer.

Why can three professionals write an answer?

We have allowed up to three different professionals to lock a question, to ensure that the person who posed the question gets the best level of feedback. With three different answers a question could receive three varied specialist responses, which helps a wider more inspired conversation to unfold around the topic. We believe that by helping to find these professional synergies from a wide range of sectors and allowing the knowledge to be shared collaboratively, you will be able to evolve and reframe your thinking.

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