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Osteopathy for Low Back Pain

Osteopathy for Low Back Pain

“People are fragile things you should know by now, be careful what you put them through…”

And be careful what you put yourself through. Whether you are involved with training others or yourself, it is important to understand the stresses and strains put on the body from various activities. Having observed elite athletes at Saracens, Fulham FC and Manchester United FC, the consequences of high training loads and stresses on the body become apparent at an earlier age than would otherwise be expected. Whether you are playing at Old Trafford on £100,000 a week, or at Power League 5-a-side twice a week, it is important to know how to take care of yourself.

Low back pain

Low back pain is a common complaint among the sporting and non-sporting population. The spine is designed to provide stability and mobility. When the balance of these is altered, problems occur.

Stability of the spine is provided by the muscles and strong ligaments that run along all aspects of the spine. The discs in between the vertebrae of the spine provide ‘shock absorption’ such as when walking or running. These factors, working in a different manner, coupled with the bony orientation of the vertebrae, also allow for mobility.

Individuals that are excessively mobile are at risk of back pain as much as those who lack mobility. Osteopathy can help with the majority of these factors causing back pain.

Where there is lack of mobility, soft tissue work and deep tissue massage, and specific joint manipulation where necessary, can markedly improve mobility and reduce pain. With excessive mobility, it is important to target and strengthen the weak muscles with exercise and rehabilitation, and mobilise the areas above and below, which may be causing excessive strain on this more mobile area. This process is also vaguely termed ‘core stability’.

If you suffer from low back pain, neck pain or other muscular/joint pain issues, or are unsure whether osteopathy can help, it may be worthwhile coming to see us at www.AtlasOsteopathy.co.uk (with clinics in East Finchley and Moorgate, as well as the option of home visits), where we can explain your problems to you, why they occur and whether or not you are suitable for osteopathic treatment. Often this can be done via email or on the phone.

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Thomas Parry

Osteopath & Bodyfanatix Co-founder

3 years ago

Great insight into lower back pain, looking forward to reading more of your pieces. Tom