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The story behind Bodyfanatix®

“The experience of being completely helpless in a hospital bed made me realise how powerless we are when something goes wrong with our body. We educate ourselves about so many things, yet few of us bother to read the user manual to our body.”

My drive for Bodyfanatix® comes from a need and a hope for us to reinvent our healthcare system around the world; a personal realisation brought on by a week spent in hospital under going test after test to try and work out what could be wrong. I lay there completely in the dark about how my body had got into this place, in an environment that gave me no desire to find a way to feel better. 

You can go from one day being full of health and vitality, to the next in a foreign environment surrounded by doctors and nurses who are trying to work out what is wrong with you as if you are a logic puzzle put on the Christmas table to entertain guests. You are confronted with choices about your body that could have impacts about the way your life unfolds, your future. It's a wake up call. 

Suddenly a bunch of people who know nothing about you are about to make decisions that could shape your future. These professionals are brilliant miracle workers, but they are working in a system that is floored, dependant on specialists that are allowed to just look at parts of us and use guesswork to try and get us better. Worst of all the current system expects its patients to be passive and to have little say in their treatment, patients who are expected to not ask any questions.

My experience from ill health is that you end up in a system not knowing where to turn or what your options are. You can find a great medical team who can help you within their specialism but the health sector keeps them isolated, so their knowledge can only go so far. Very often continuity of care gets broken and it is hard as a patient to try and pick your way through the system.

When I met Tom (my boyfriend/partner in crime) who is an Osteopath, I learnt that health professionals share these frustrations. Medical practitioners get locked into their fields with little interaction with those in other sectors of health. So when it comes to helping patients they often do not have the full picture to form an opinion, all they can do is deliver treatment and diagnosis to a point and then refer on to the next stage in the system.

It seemed mad to me that all these specialists were in the dark beyond their expertise. It was a frustrating observation and left me wanting to help Tom tell the world about the good he can do. I was left thinking “What if we could create an online environment that supported health professionals and allowed them to have a global conversation, sharing their specialism. A place where the rest of us could dip into trusted health knowledge and learn how to manage our health and prevent illness.”

Tom and I got together a group of professionals in different sectors and formed a mastermind to float the idea. They loved it. An online arena that would grow their businesses, develop their knowledge and remove their industry isolation.

So that was it, we started. The original idea was too bleeding edge and way too big to even begin to find a way to build, so we broke it down. We probably started with 20% of the original idea. We sketched, scribbled, researched and designed. But this was about a global ‘online’ environment and none of us could code. It took a long time to find the right team to take on the challenge.

So far it has been a collaborative process in shaping Bodyfanatix®. Our small team is enjoying working with some great professionals in our mastermind, as we build new features and invite our founding members to join our beta environment. Tom and his peers are not only our avatars but also the spokesmen for our brand. To them we are building a natural extension to what they do.

For me I get up every morning knowing that we are working to rewire the health system by bringing the best of the best in health together, to make a continually evolving user manual to the body. I wake up knowing that I am finally working to evolve health; it’s a pretty powerful alarm clock

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