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Why does it all start with a question?

The most reliable way to learn is to ask. 

This is true whether learning new skills ourselves or trying to learn about someone else. But how many of us ask?

In the Bodyfanatix® environment we believe that questions can start the conversation, helping knowledge to keep evolving. Questions, when asked appear anonymously on our question wall, where fellow professionals can select to write an answer.

As a professional when you click ‘begin answering’, the question will be locked to you to answer for a statutory amount of time. The question is saved in your ‘draft articles’ ready for you to write your answer and you can resume writing at any time.

By locking a question, you secure the interest of those who are watching for an answer to this question. They will be notified when your answer is published. Once the question is locked to you, you have an audience ready, waiting and interested in reading your viewpoint, ensuring your time and efforts are not lost in the online ether.

If you decide that you do not want to provide an answer, simply ‘unlock’ the question on the question wall and another fellow professional can then select to create an answer.

Inspire others thinking.

By asking a question you help to inspire others to share their specialist knowledge. As questions are anonymous you can ask in relation to a difficult case you are working on or for further ideas to solve a problem. It is much easier for fellow professionals to share their specialist knowledge if they have a question from which to frame their thoughts and ideas.

You can submit as many questions as you like, when you like.

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