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10 signs you need a deep tissue massage.

I am often asked the question 'How do I know I need a deep tissue/sports massage?'. The truth is that deep tissue massage, whether you're active or not, is beneficial to everyone. It helps in the prevention of injury, increases speed of recovery, aids sporting performance and improves posture.

We all know we should floss daily to maintain our mouth hygiene, cut our hair regularly to avoid split ends, even visit the dentist every 6 months, but few of us approach our musculoskeletal health in the same way. We forget that we use our bones and muscles every day and that they too can benefit from regular maintenance; deep tissue massage is a treatment that can help your body to keep up with your life.

Here are 10 signs your body needs to be booked in for a deep tissue massage:

  1. Suffering from headaches and your shoulders and neck feel stiff and tight.
  2. You feel yourself slouching at work, especially at your desk and you notice your posture is poor.
  3. When getting up in the morning you feel extremely stiff, and you know going down the stairs is a morning mission because you are extremely tight.
  4. Ever woken up in the middle of the night and feel like you've been shot in the leg? Yep, that's cramp!
  5. Your office is your car, and low back pain is just a supposed 'normal' experience for you now. You don't need to live with this by the way.
  6. Your strength gains in the gym have plateaued and you've lost your range of movement in your exercises.
  7. Training for an endurance event, such as a marathon and you cannot get past 5k without stopping because of tight calves.
  8. You have feelings of anxiety and stress.
  9. You have just completed the 3 peaks challenge for charity and two days later your legs are throbbing! (Known as DOMS - delayed onset muscle soreness)
  10. You just feel really run down and have had a cold recently.

Regular deep tissue massage is a great way to optimise your health as well as work to prevent injury and unnecessary pain. Even though it is what I practice as a profession, I still have to remind myself sometimes to listen to what my body is telling me. I try to remember that it is the most important tool I have available in life, so it needs looking after.

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