11 min read - Thomas Parry

'Winter is coming'; All you knee-d to know about how to get...

Knees make up roughly 30-40% of all skiing injuries. Here we discuss some common ways to prevent injury and the impacts injuries can have

2 min read - Thomas Parker

Why online peer to peer community collaboration is the way...

Gone are the days of isolated learning, development and interaction- peer to peer collaboration is the way forward.

2 min read - Belinda Ferguson


Why healthcare needs the power of marketing to evolve.

The world has changed and patients and consumers are now influencing healthcare more than ever before. They are making their own choices on how and where they obtain their healthcare and which professionals that they wish to use. They are turning in

2 min read - Thomas Parry


Why does it all start with a question?

The most reliable way to learn is to ask. This is true whether learning new skills ourselves or trying to learn about someone else. But how many of us ask?

2 min read - Harriet Ferguson


Why do I need to lock a question?

Select a question you wish to answer and lock it to you for a set period of time. This allows you to schedule in some time to write your answer and know that your audience is ready and waiting to share the knowledge you give out.

3 min read - Thomas Parry

What is Sciatica and how can it be treated?

Sciatica is a condition whereby the sufferer experiences pain down the back of their thigh and leg, somewhat sharp in nature and it can be associated with other symptoms such as pins and needles, numbness and/or weakness down and into the foot.

3 min read - Harriet Ferguson

Welcome to Bodyfanatix®

We have created an environment that helps health professionals develop their knowledge, build their brand and grow visibility for what they do, allowing them to take back time for life and what they love.

2 min read - Rob Madden

Warming up in Skiing & Snowboarding

Article on warming up before skiing and snowboarding holiday

3 min read - Rosie Millen

Top 10 Energy Tips

Tired all the time? Energy slumps? Constantly reaching for pick me ups?If you're about to go skiing and keen to keep your energy up on the slopes there here are my top 10 tips: Much of our energy control is to do with our blood sugar:

4 min read - Harriet Ferguson

The story behind Bodyfanatix®

My experience from ill health is that you end up in a system not knowing where to turn or what your options are. You can find a great medical team who can help you within their specialism but the health sector keeps them isolated, so their knowledge

4 min read - Richard Foster


The Classical Approach

How to arrange your articleSimply start typing in this text box. Click a word and our formatting tool box will appear; style words with bold, italic or underline.You can also highlight sentences you wish to stand out as headings or subheadings.You ca

9 min read - Matthew Mott

The ACL- the ins and outs of the knee’s most commonly injured...

The ins and outs of the knee and an in depth look at the ACL and prehabilitation

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