12 min read - Richard Foster

Desk Jockeys

Back pain and sitting, what can be done.

11 min read - Thomas Parry

'Winter is coming'; All you knee-d to know about how to get...

Knees make up roughly 30-40% of all skiing injuries. Here we discuss some common ways to prevent injury and the impacts injuries can have

9 min read - Matthew Mott

The ACL- the ins and outs of the knee’s most commonly injured...

The ins and outs of the knee and an in depth look at the ACL and prehabilitation

8 min read - Scott Newton

Overtrained or underprepared: Could load monitoring help you hit...

I’ve had a very personal interest in looking at injury prevention strategies in runners after my own sacral stress fracture in April this year. My own injury happened without any obvious warning signs. There were no significant spikes in my training, no persistent niggles, there hadn’t been any change in my health – other than being sleep deprived by my then 2-month-old daughter, Emmie. You might want to read my previous blog on this here.
The experience highlighted to me the potential v

7 min read - Thomas Parker

Our time and attention are now commodities, so do we get what we...

In the age of information overload, the adage ‘you get what you pay for’ is still very much true.

6 min read - Heath Williams

Reviewing The Squat: Progressions And Regressions - Part 1

A review of the squat and some common progressions and regressions.

6 min read - Richard Foster

Stress - The Silent Killer

Stress on a chemical level, and how osteopathy can help.

5 min read - Richard Foster


Ankle Sprains and Compensations

Like with most body parts, one can take the ankle for granted until pain or injury draws your attention to it. However when things are pain free and running smoothly, then it generally isn’t given a second thought. Today I wish to highlight the imp

5 min read - Thomas Parry

How to tape your knee to reduce pain and increase patella...

If your knee isn’t at its best and suffering from any prior injury, it is important to give it the correct support to avoid further injury.

4 min read - Harriet Ferguson

The story behind Bodyfanatix®

My experience from ill health is that you end up in a system not knowing where to turn or what your options are. You can find a great medical team who can help you within their specialism but the health sector keeps them isolated, so their knowledge

4 min read - Matthew Mott

How Osteopathy Kept Me Fighting Fit For a Charity Row Across The...

Looking at an Osteopaths approach to managing a patient who is asking a lot from his body but all for a good cause

4 min read - Richard Foster


The Classical Approach

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