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“I have had chronic back pain since 2012 and have had just about every procedure except for surgery without success until I met Tom. Within a few weeks my condition has improved so much that I am back kite surfing again and managing a very  physical job.”  - Adrian Adrian is a really fit and active guy, who works in an incredibly physical job that means lots of hours in his van each week, regularly staying in hotels and operating on minimal sleep. He first visited me having been in...

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Bodyfanatix is a place where optimum health exists beyond the clinic rooms. Learn about health from trusted health professionals and evolve your thinking through multidisciplinary collaboration. Get to know the human behind the professional and connect with trusted health knowledge when you need it. Follow the collaborative conversations of top health professionals to evolve your thinking about your health.

Bodyfanatix® is an online environment for trusted healthcare specialists to share knowledge, inspire collaboration and fuel innovation. We support health professionals in growing their influence and making powerful connections with their peers. We believe we can unlock unique professional viewpoints and allow the public to lift the lid on an ever-evolving environment of trusted health knowledge. Our aim is to keep healthcare evolving.

We believe in health and vitality. We believe that access to trusted professional shared knowledge allows us to take personal accountability for our health. In 2013, Harriet Ferguson and Tom Parry realised a problem in healthcare. The insight of a healthcare professional combined with the experiences of a patient, sparked the first brainwaves of a solution. The idea was developed using expertise and resources from Promotion Line, a leading marketing agency, headed by Belinda Ferguson. Soon the solution birthed the platform that you see today, and in 2016 we were joined by Tom Parker to help grow Bodyfanatix® into a business that could support all healthcare professionals and the public. It’s now 2017 and we are passionately disrupting the healthcare industry one professional at a time, learning as we develop, innovating at every step and collaborating wherever possible. We are Bodyfanatix® and we are proud to support those that care about health as much as we do.

We are a company of thinkers, creators, innovators and pioneers. We explore the frontiers of industry and use our expertise to bring it closer to home. We never like to stand still and are always looking for ways to improve. Our ethos is 'Evolution got us this far. Let's evolve to get us further'. We invest in people. People are our business. It is our human capacity to share that inspires us the most.

Meet the team

Thomas Parker

Co-Founder Of Bodyfanatix


Harriet Ferguson

Co-founder of Bodyfanatix

Suffolk, UK

Thomas Parry

Osteopath & Bodyfanatix Co-founder


Daniel Brazier

Website Developer



Thomas Parker

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How osteopathy got me back on my kite board after two years of pain.

“I have had chronic back pain since 2012 and have had just about every procedure except for surgery without success until I met Tom. Within a few weeks my condition has improved so much that I am...

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How to tape posteriorly to relieve Shin Splints.

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