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Mission Statement

We work to help your body to keep up with your life. We take each of our members on a treatment journey: rehabilitate, regenerate, relax.


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We help your body to keep up with you life through our treatment journey:

Rehabilitate - We offer a support network of specialist practitioners who work to help restore you to your optimum health. Our team specialise in your physical health, movement, body structure and function. 

Regenerate - Once on the road to recovery we work with you to ensure your body is functioning efficiently. Our specialists collaborate to retrain your body’s movement and ability to recover. 

Relax - We train your body to keep up with your life. Our specialists work together to formulate classes and workshops that help you to achieve sustainable health. 

Ethos & Values

We believe in vitality and health. We believe this should be the norm in every persons life. So we work for sustainable health by helping your body keep up with your life.

We do this by bringing together a support network of specialist practitioners who collaborate to help positively effect our individual members lives.

As a member of Hyntle Barn Clinic you will be taken through our treatment journey on a path unique to your body.


We are a small and evolving team of specialist practitioners working closely together to assist our patients in helping their body to keep up with their individual lives.

We are not a gym or a quick fix clinic. We support many sports teams and gyms with the rehabilitation of their clients and team members, as we work with our patients to find the root cause of an issue, to help achieve their goals and to assist their body in becoming more resistant to the everyday stresses and pressures of life.


We have a very clear treatment journey that patients can enter and leave at any stage, or travel around to manage their health. This treatment journey also forms our ethos: Rehabilitate, Regenerate, Relax.


2 min read - Annie Nunn

10 signs you need a deep tissue massage.

I am often asked the question 'How do I know I need a deep tissue/sports massage?'. The truth is that deep tissue massage, whether you're active or not, is beneficial to everyone. It helps in the prevention of injury, increases speed of recovery, aid

2 min read - Anna Groom

Champion breakfasts

Breakfast to fuel the slopes; tips and hints to start the days skiing in good form

4 min read - Thomas Parry

How can exercise help your pregnancy?

The body needs to move, we were born to move and when growing another human the female body must stay true to this, after all motherhood is one of the toughest endurance sports out there.

3 min read - Thomas Parry

How osteopathy got me back on my kite board after two years of...

What sets osteopathy apart is approaching the person not the problem. We work to put together the puzzle and find the root cause of his problem.

2 min read - Annie Nunn

How to effectively warm up and cool down on the slopes

It’s funny… Many of us will warm up and cool down religiously for our chosen team sport, or an exercise class, but when we reach the slopes I think the excitement of taking on those epic runs is too much to think of warm up and cool down exercises.

3 min read - Thomas Parry

How to tape posteriorly to relieve Shin Splints.

Shin Splints are the presence of inflammation in the around the tibia. They can also be referred to as as medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS).

3 min read - Thomas Parry

How to tape your ankle to relieve pain without limiting movement.

Though not a common incident on the slopes, ankle injuries can occur. Whether it’s an over exuberant après ski, or the wrong choice of footwear slipping on icy snow covered pathways can happen to even the most seasoned skier. 

5 min read - Thomas Parry

How to tape your knee to reduce pain and increase patella...

If your knee isn’t at its best and suffering from any prior injury, it is important to give it the correct support to avoid further injury.

3 min read - Thomas Parry

How to tape your wrist to help with carpal tunnel.

What is carpal tunnel?The median nerve is located within the carpal tunnel, a narrow passageway in the wrist that is closely surrounded by connective tissue and bone.Carpal tunnel syndrome is more correctly described as compression of the median nerv

2 min read - Thomas Parry

Importance of hydration at altitude

It’s not new news. This isn’t some crazy idea. We know how important water is to us.  So why do most of us keep ourselves so poorly hydrated, even when putting our bodies through extreme bouts of exercise?  And what happens when we exer

1 min read - Jim Hurden

Psoriasis - what other treatments are available beyond topical...

Thats a good question. Psoriasis has been a tricky condition to treat effectively with complementary approaches. However, there is some published research that suggests that Low Level Laser Therapy can be used with a high degree of success in treating this. If you are interested in the research, you can view a short summary of the paper here: http://www.omegalaser.co.uk/ablonIf you would like to discuss this with us further, please get in touch and we can talk through the treatments that we may

4 min read - Annie Nunn

Stick to the basics: Building your ski fitness fundamentals

The excited conversations of booking the annual trip for the forth coming ski season are starting to be heard… The new kit list is on the Christmas list, and you’re probably about to hit pay on the booking form for your ski resort of choice..But

3 min read - Thomas Parry

What is Sciatica and how can it be treated?

Sciatica is a condition whereby the sufferer experiences pain down the back of their thigh and leg, somewhat sharp in nature and it can be associated with other symptoms such as pins and needles, numbness and/or weakness down and into the foot.

2 min read - Thomas Parry


Why does it all start with a question?

The most reliable way to learn is to ask. This is true whether learning new skills ourselves or trying to learn about someone else. But how many of us ask?

11 min read - Thomas Parry

'Winter is coming'; All you knee-d to know about how to get...

Knees make up roughly 30-40% of all skiing injuries. Here we discuss some common ways to prevent injury and the impacts injuries can have


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Sports Masseuse & Personal Trainer

Suffolk, UK

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Osteopath & Bodyfanatix Co-founder


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