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Anyone can create a Public account, allowing you to access the public side of our platform. To become a Professional member you must complete our professional verification process.
Complete the registration form on our Join us page
You can access articles that our expert professionals have written for a public audience. You can then like, evolve, endorse and share those articles that inspire you. Furthermore, you can also anonymously ask questions to our experts or you can watch other people’s questions that interest you and be notified when they are answered.
Firstly you will need to create a Public account and then, as long as you are a regulated and validated healthcare professional, you can upgrade to a Professional account. Simply go to the membership page and follow the simple step by step process. Once our team has validated your professional details you’ll have full access to our professional features. Alternatively, if you have been invited by a fellow professional or a member of the Bodyfanatix team you will be able to input an invite code that will offer you access to our professional features.
Bodyfanatix has built-in functionality to send an email invitation to your friends, co-workers and acquaintances. It can be found in the global navigation.

Article Builder

When you click ‘publish’ or ‘apply revision’ you get the chance to change the audience visibility of your article. By choosing ‘public’ everyone can see your post and you maximise the reach of your knowledge. By de-selecting ‘public’ your article will only be visible to your professional peers.
Open article browse and look under ‘my articles’ in the side navigation for ‘published’ 1. Navigate to your published post. 2. Click Edit > click ... icon. 3. Click Delete Article.
To delete a draft, navigate to the draft page, and click ... icon > click ‘delete draft’.
Whenever you are writing an article our auto-save feature will update the article every few seconds as a draft article. Drafts are articles that have not yet been published on Bodyfanatix. People can not see your drafts unless you share with them by invitation. You will find your ‘drafts’ in the side navigation of the article browse page.
When you edit a published article, no matter how big or small, you need to offer a short explanation as to what has been revised. This allows the audience to know what has been edited and also counts towards your CPD records (future feature on Bodyfanatix). When creating a revision you can also change the audience and tags of your article.
You must be signed into your account.. Click the articles tab in the main navigation and select ‘my articles’ in the side menu. Scroll to the bottom of the article and click ‘edit’ button. Make the desired changes and then click ‘apply revisions’.
Click the share button to invite other professional members to view your draft article. They can leave private comments to suggest edits and changes, which will only be seen by you. As the original article author you will be the only person who can make permanent changes to the article.
Once you have finished writing your article, firstly check that you have a cover image and title (required) and then click ‘publish’ in the top right of your screen. You will then need to add tags and choose the visibility for your article (Public or Professional). By default the visibility is set to public, but you can uncheck this box if you would like to share your article with just professional members. Your article is now ready to publish by clicking the ‘Publish article’ button.
When you start typing, a ‘+’ symbol will appear alongside your cursor in the outer article margin. Click this to view the options for adding images and media to your article.
Simply highlight a word or phrase and the formatting toolbar will appear, allowing you to add basic formatting to your article.
Go to the article browse page via the main site navigation and click the ‘write article button’ on the right hand side (on mobile it’s top and centre). Enter a title and subtitle (optional). You must enter a title before you can publish your article. Then simply start typing.


As a Public or Professional member it is free for you to use. We will be launching a Club membership that offers Professional members key data, support and extra features. There will be a fee for the club membership.
Whether you are a member of the public or a healthcare professional you can use Bodyfanatix for free. Both memberships will allow you to read and follow articles published by healthcare professionals. If you are a validated healthcare professional who wants to offer more and start to evolve health by offering your expertise then you will need to activate a professional membership. This will allow you to write articles, increase your exposure and build your peer collaboration. We will be launching a Club membership soon for those professionals that want to become the best.
As a Public member you can upgrade any time to professional membership as long as you can provide proof that you are a qualified and regulated healthcare professional.


Please read our Trademark Policy for more information on reporting copyright infringement. To report trademark infringement, please e-mail reportabuse@bodfanatix.com
Bodyfanatix is developing special features to aid members of the Bodyfanatix community who have a disability. Check back for more news about these features as they roll out. E-mail support@bodyfanatix.com with questions.
Bodyfanatix® has a zero-tolerance policy for hate, trolling, stalking, spamming, flaming, impersonating others, harming children, or any other behaviour designed to hurt another person physically or emotionally. Bodyfanatix® is a professional environment and expect our members to behave in a professional manner.All users must follow the Bodyfanatix® rules, and there are consequences for not following the rules.If you notice abusive behaviour, please report it immediately to reportabuse@bodyfanatix.com. We will look into it, and take necessary action as soon as possible.

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