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HIntlesham, Suffolk

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June 2017

PGCert Animal Osteopathy

British School of Osteopathy

August 2015

Masters of Osteopathy

London School of Osteopath

About Me

Osteopath for all species - 2 or 4 legs doesn't matter

Jim Hurden, an Osteopath with a bit of a difference – he doesn’t just treat humans, he treats Animals as well! Using the same Osteopathic approach that has seen him help many people out of pain and discomfort, Jim applies his skills to helping Animals recover from injury and poor performance. A fully registered Osteopath, trained to Masters level, he completed his post graduate Animal Osteopathy training with the renowned Stuart McGregor at the Osteopathic Centre for Animals. Jim has worked with high level Dressage riders and has a specialist interest in the relationship between horse and rider biomechanics, recognising that when dealing with the partnership of a horse and rider you get far better results by treating both parts of the pairing – something he is uniquely able to do. Jim is a life-long dog owner and loves treating dogs of all shapes and sizes – helping agility dogs to improve their flexibility; working gun dogs to improve mobility and family pets with musculo-skeletal health generally. He is happy to chat to owners of any type of animal to explain what benefits the Osteopathic approach can bring to their pets welfare – please email him or contact him on 01473 652509 to discuss your needs.


Jim Hurden

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