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Co-founder of Bodyfanatix

Suffolk, UK

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About Me

Bodyfanatix® is a business that started from a personal need to find trusted healthcare knowledge online and has developed into a worldwide mission to unlock professional health knowledge, inspire collaboration and fuel innovation. I came to co-found Bodyfanatix® in a very roundabout way. I have seen first hand the inner workings of the health system due to a couple of brushes with ill health and the birth of my first child. I also vicariously live and breath the life of a health professional due to my personal relationship with my fellow co-founder, Tom Parry, who runs his own Osteopathic Clinic. But it was an invite to a Royal Society of Medicine Ski trip that clarified many of the problems I had already identified with. It highlighted the need for health to harness technology in order to collaborate and fix the health system from the frontline. Healthcare professionals need support in developing their specialisms, learning from others viewpoints and mistakes, growing their businesses and increasing their influence. Patients want the ability to access trusted knowledge so that they know where to turn when things start to go wrong. Our mission is to build a company that is admired and trusted worldwide. We want to be the go to place to find evolving health knowledge and a place to access the world’s elite online multi-disciplinary health team. Our environment will be an ever-evolving user manual to the body that brings the best of the best in healthcare together. My personal motivation is to be able to access trusted health information actually written by those who work to prevent illness or support wellbeing on a daily basis. All of which fundamentally allows me to confidently take accountability for my own health. I want to give people the opportunity, no matter where they are in the world, to find and align themselves with health professionals that they can trust. It’s my wish to put the human element back into healthcare.


Harriet Ferguson

4 min read

The story behind Bodyfanatix®

“The experience of being completely helpless in a hospital bed made me realise how powerless we are when something goes wrong with our body. We educate ourselves about so many things, yet few of us...

Harriet Ferguson

3 min read

Welcome to Bodyfanatix®

Bodyfanatix® is a new place on the Internet where trusted health professionals share their knowledge. We have created an environment that helps health professionals develop their knowledge, build...

Harriet Ferguson

2 min read


Why do I need to lock a question?

We know that you are busy and that time is scarce. But we also realise that when you need specialist advice to help a case or advise a patient you likely need it quickly. This is why we have allowed...



Suffolk, UK