Heath Williams


Melbourne, Australia

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March 2015

SFMA Level 1

Functional Movement Systems

June 2014

Level 1 & 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach

Australian Strength and Conditioning Association

June 2013

Cert IV and Diploma OHS/WHS

CBD College

March 2010

FMS Level 1 & 2

Functional Movement Systems

December 2009

Graduate Certificate Tertiary Education

Victoria University

December 2003

Masters Health Science (Osteopathy)

Victoria University

June 2000

Bachelor Science Clinical Science

Victoria University, Melbourne

About Me

Principle Four Osteopath director Health Williams currently works at both Principle Four Osteopathy Melbourne City CBD and Melbourne Docklands clinics. As an osteopath he has worked in the UK, Sweden and Australia as well as lecturing in the UK at the British School of Osteopathy and the London School of Osteopathy. Heath’s approach has been strongly influenced by many fellow professionals and practitioners including: Gary Gray, Gary Cook, Eric Cressey, Dianne Lee, Stuart McGill, Paul Chek, Shirley Sahrmann, Craig Liebenson, Charles Poliquin, Charlie Weingroff, Kelvin Giles and many other physical therapist and strength and conditioning/athletic trainers. He continues to be a proactive health professional in education, currently lecturing in Exercise Prescription/Rehabilitation at Victoria University as well delivering postgraduate training in strength and conditioning and OHS to allied health practitioners. He also extends his expertise to act as a board member of the Australian Osteopathic Accrediting Council (AOAC), which is responsible for the accreditation of International Osteopaths wanting to practice in Australia. Heath is also a current committee member of the Occupational Health & Safety Committee Special Interest Group with the Australian Osteopathy Association. As well being co-director of Corporate Work Health Australia Pty Ltd, focusing assisting organisations to create a work environment that keeps their employees safe, healthy and injury free, ultimately cutting the cost and reducing the severity of work related injuries.


Heath Williams

1 min read

A Frame To Push Up With Translation

In the video below osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy demonstrates 3 different movement exercises combined to form one movement flow.  Starting with the A Frame position...

Heath Williams

6 min read

Reviewing The Squat: Progressions And Regressions - Part 1

The Squat Review: A Look At Teaching The Squat & The Many Progressions & Regressions - Part 1 The squat is one of the most commonly performed movement patterns that we do right from the early...