Ingrid Bergson

Clinical Pain Psychologist

London, UK

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Cognitive Behavioural TherapyChronic Pain ManagementMindfulnessPain PsychologyBack pain


June 2003

Doctorate of Psychology

Surrey University

About Me

Dr Bergson works closely with the other healthcare professionals in the Pain Management Unit of The London Orthopaedic Clinic to support their treatment with psychological management of long-term chronic pain patients. This is essential for a holistic approach for a prominent and successful pain team. I studied as an undergraduate at Leeds University and completed my doctorate at Surrey University in 2003. I have previously worked in the Pain Management Centre at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, the General Medicine service at the Whittington Hospital and INPUT Pain Management Centre based at St Thomas’ Hospital. I am currently the lead psychologist developing the locomotor pain service as part of the Homerton University Hospital Foundation Trust. Primarily I use a CBT approach and specialise in the adjustment and management of persistent pain conditions with an aim to help people manage the associated distress and impact that this can have on their life. I also aim to identify and break any unhelpful cycles that may have developed in relation to pain and work towards improving quality of life.


Ingrid Bergson

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