Justine Setchell

General Practitioner

London, UK

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Family MedicineOccupational MedicineMenopause ManagementWomens' Health


August 1990


Imperial College

About Me

Having been an NHS GP for 14 years, I moved into Private Practice in 2009, initially working for a company and then in partnership with Dr Fiona Payne in 2010. We were invited to King Edward VII Hospital in October 2015 from where we now run our practice, We launched our online General Practice service (GPatHome.com) in 2012, enabling our patients to contact us securely from anywhere in the world.


Justine Setchell

3 min read

Fifty is the new Forty

They say fifty is the new forty and the current generation of fifty year old women are not about to hang up their boots with the onset of the menopause. They fully expect (quite rightly) to continue...

Justine Setchell

3 min read

Putting the D and R into GP- how we aligned our private General Practice with...

First piece of advice? Don’t panic! GDPR is simply an update of the previous Data Protection Act so if you’re running a half decent practice, you are more than likely fulfilling many of the...

Justine Setchell

2 min read

Sugar- Breaking The Habit

John Yudkin's book "Pure, White and Deadly" was first published in1972, recommending a low sugar diet but low fat diets rather than low sugar diets were recommended at that time (with possible...