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Chronic Bladder Infection

I suffered from a sever Kidney infection this time last year. I have been in and out of hospital ever since with pelvis pain and re-occuring water infections on a cocktail of antibiotics. I recently went back into hospital and discovered I have a dormant infection in my bladder wall. Help.

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Supplements-Do's and Don'ts

When taking supplements such as Whey Protein and Creatine, when is the best time to consume these supplements in relation to a workout? Are there any supplements which I might not be aware of that will help me get the most from my exercise? Are there any times I should not consume supplements, or times when their consumption can have neutral or negative effects on my body?

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In your experience, what problems do you see with your patients who wear high heels.

In the press this month there has been a lot of discussion about discrimination in the work place and high heels. Is there any good medical reason as to why some women (and men) should or should not wear a higher heel?

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How do you prevent kidney stones?

Kidney stones are extremely common and prevention is mainly through healthy living, diet and fluid advice - but many people will have opinions on things that might help prevent stone formation.

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Coffee gives me headaches, how can I avoid them?

If I drink coffee I get headaches, how can I reduce the impact of them. Especially as when I stop drinking coffee I get more headaches!

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Can Osteopaths help with long-term back pain for a strongman competitor?

I have been training for about a year to take part in strongman competitions, i have really hurt my back but am unsure how. my trainer has recommended an osteopath, will they be able to help?

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Can steroid injections help runners knee pain?

I'm an amateur runner, about to tackle the London Marathon for the first time, would a steroid injection help the pain in my knees?

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