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Asked by pro - 3 years ago

What causes regular severe headaches and how can they be managed beyond pain killers?

I've had headaches for several months now, I've had MRI's and blood tests but they all come back normal. Is there anything else I could try? What could be causing them?

Asked by pro - 3 years ago

How do you prevent kidney stones?

Kidney stones are extremely common and prevention is mainly through healthy living, diet and fluid advice - but many people will have opinions on things that might help prevent stone formation.

Asked by public - 3 years ago

Supplements-Do's and Don'ts

When taking supplements such as Whey Protein and Creatine, when is the best time to consume these supplements in relation to a workout? Are there any supplements which I might not be aware of that will help me get the most from my exercise? Are there any times I should not consume supplements, or times when their consumption can have neutral or negative effects on my body?

Asked by pro - 3 years ago

How should we talk about mental health?

One in every 4 people experiences mental health issues, but we’re not very informed when it comes to talking about the topic.

Asked by pro - 3 years ago

What is sciatica and how can it be treated?

What causes sciatica, how can it be diagnosed and how can it be treated?

Asked by pro - 3 years ago

What are the options for dealing with knee pain three weeks before a marathon?

I’m running the London marathon next month, for the past two weeks I’ve been aware of knee pain. I can’t run through it. Should I just be resting it? Who should I see to help me?

Asked by pro - 3 years ago

Best rehab for a broken ankle after 3 months, Osteo or physio?

My consultant notes after recent visit show I still have a visible fracture of the fibula but with signs of new bone formation posteriorly. I have an intact ankle mortise. I still have swelling and stiffness and only just reaching neutral dorsifelxion. I need to start working on strengthening around the ankle and increase range of movement. what's my best route for rehab? Osteo or physio?

Asked by pro - 3 years ago

Can Osteopaths help with long-term back pain for a strongman competitor?

I have been training for about a year to take part in strongman competitions, i have really hurt my back but am unsure how. my trainer has recommended an osteopath, will they be able to help?

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