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Asked by pro - 3 years ago

Best rehab for a broken ankle after 3 months, Osteo or physio?

My consultant notes after recent visit show I still have a visible fracture of the fibula but with signs of new bone formation posteriorly. I have an intact ankle mortise. I still have swelling and stiffness and only just reaching neutral dorsifelxion. I need to start working on strengthening around the ankle and increase range of movement. what's my best route for rehab? Osteo or physio?

Asked by pro - 3 years ago

Can cranial osteopathy help a new born baby with colic?

What should be expected from a treatment like this with such a young patient?

Asked by pro - 3 years ago

Can Osteopaths help with long-term back pain for a strongman competitor?

I have been training for about a year to take part in strongman competitions, i have really hurt my back but am unsure how. my trainer has recommended an osteopath, will they be able to help?

Asked by pro - 3 years ago

Can steroid injections help runners knee pain?

I'm an amateur runner, about to tackle the London Marathon for the first time, would a steroid injection help the pain in my knees?

Asked by public - 2 years ago

Chronic Bladder Infection

I suffered from a sever Kidney infection this time last year. I have been in and out of hospital ever since with pelvis pain and re-occuring water infections on a cocktail of antibiotics. I recently went back into hospital and discovered I have a dormant infection in my bladder wall. Help.

Asked by pro - 3 years ago

Coffee gives me headaches, how can I avoid them?

If I drink coffee I get headaches, how can I reduce the impact of them. Especially as when I stop drinking coffee I get more headaches!

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