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Asked by pro - 3 years ago

How should we talk about mental health?

One in every 4 people experiences mental health issues, but we’re not very informed when it comes to talking about the topic.

Asked by pro - 3 years ago

Should you come off antidepressants when trying to conceive?

What are the risks to mother and baby? Is there any research to support the need to come off antidepressants before conceiving?

Asked by pro - 3 years ago

What is sciatica and how can it be treated?

What causes sciatica, how can it be diagnosed and how can it be treated?

Asked by pro - 3 years ago

How can you safely work your core and pelvic muscles whilst pregnant?

Do the exercises need to change with different trimesters?

Asked by pro - 3 years ago

What are the options for dealing with knee pain three weeks before a marathon?

I’m running the London marathon next month, for the past two weeks I’ve been aware of knee pain. I can’t run through it. Should I just be resting it? Who should I see to help me?

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