Bodyfanatix is a shared space. We want people to be able to access a professional and respectful environment where different opinions are shared constructively. As a result we have a few ground rules to keep our environment in check.

Bodyfanatix exists for health professionals and people to share their viewpoints, thoughts and opinions. It is inevitable that people will write things that others do not agree with, but that is all part of expanding and deepening a conversation.

Our rules are simple.

Remain professional
Bodyfanatix® is a professional environment, as such:
  • We expect a high level of professional and moral conduct to be upheld at all times
  • We reserve the right to remove any members who do not conduct themselves in a professional manner
  • If your conduct would in any way breach your code of professionalism offline, then don’t post it online
Don't like it? Don't interact with it. If you do interact, evolve the conversation
  • If you don't like something someone has written or shared don’t interact with it
  • If you want to interact choose instead to direct its audience to another opinion or viewpoint and allow the conversation to develop in a beneficial way
Be respectful
Interactions on Bodyfanatix® should always be respectful and constructive, even if they are expressing a disagreement or difference in opinion. Varied viewpoints develop thinking and inspire development.

We do not tolerate:

  • any form of harassment on Bodyfanatix®
  • abusive behaviour directed at individuals or companies
This includes, but is not limited to, personal attacks using:
  • articles
  • messages
  • comments
  • posts
  • images (altered or otherwise)
  • the portrayal of personal and non-public information to a public audience
Threats of violence
We do not tolerate any threat of harm or violence against any member of Bodyfanatix®.
Don’t infringe copyrights or trademarks
Bodyfanatix® is a place to share knowledge. Sharing knowledge that is not your own and belongs to third parties must be done so with consent. Only post content that you own or have consent to post.